When he’s not meticulously molding malleable minds teaching physical science to Bronx middle-schoolers, Danny Steinman holes up in his Hudson Valley home with his loving family, churning out wildly colorful, vibrant and powerful large scale drawings in a style he has termed Psych-Pop.

Audacious in both design and approach, Steinman’s work bears the mark of a risk-taker, where bold decisions give way to brilliant results, at once childlike in its inherent freedom and purity, yet reflective of clear visionary design. A quintessential Steinman work, created on large foam-core boards using a variety of designer ink and markers, sees smaller forms and figures combining to create a larger image. This is the hallmark of Steinman's style, one that is stubbornly all his own.

Danny Steinman's work has been described as vibrant, joyful and distinctly unique, owing to his inimitable technique and strategic use of color and form. Steinman's uncommon medium lends to the distinct appearance of his work, making it instantly recognizable. "I try not to restrict myself, and the result is childlike and free. I strive less for perfection and more for strength and boldness.”

Danny recently completed an overwhelmingly successful debut opening at consciousfork. Thirteen original works were sold and several more following up with a second show in March 2017 at Village in Warwick, NY. Over the last year, Danny has sold over 2000 signed limited edition prints of his artwork online and at various concerts and festivals. Just recently, two different Limited Edition Concert Event Prints for Mihali, of the inimitable rock band Twiddle, sold out 150 editions apiece.

Other upcoming projects for Steinman include album art for Twiddle’s Mihali Savoulidis upcoming solo release, limited-edition show prints and merchandise designs for Twiddle and The Revivalists as well as numerous commissioned works for NYC area businesses, including the critically acclaimed restaurant Fetch.