I live in Connecticut and have been a successful “fine artist”displaying my trademark pop-up “Chair” sculptures in Tiffany and Company’s Windows on Fifth Avenue in New York City and exhibiting my original paintings and prints in museums and galleries across the country.

While working for a fine art publishing company, I learned of the many opportunities art licensing has to offer, and was excited to accept the challenge of adapting my designs for a larger market.

Not being a “one trick pony” stylistically, alIows me to be open to new ideas. One of my many artwork“series” focuses on the depiction of furniture and vintage room settings. My love of antique furnishings has me spending my spare time hunting in antique and thrift shops for that “diamond in the rough”. So, it is, that oftentimes, my passion becomes my inspiration!

Ultimately, I am on an uncharted artistic journey which leads me down,not one, but many exciting paths.Each path presentsthe opportunity for me to explorediverse media, styles, and subject matter, and, as a result, I amcontinuallydiscovering new and fresh ideas and images for my works of art.