When Isabelle was very young she looked at a book in her parents study that was all about Flemish Manuscripts of the Middle Ages. She was fascinated and then saw some illuminated books in a museum. She was from then on influenced and wanted to paint like the medieval monks. At 17 she was awarded a place, at interview at Loughborough College of Art And Design in the UK. After leaving College Isabelle learned how to work with gold leaf and eventually to work on calfskin vellum. She uses vellum as it is the most wonderful surface to paint on in her view. The colors rest on the surface and are not absorbed. It is a precious material and few artists today are able to use it. Isabelle is also one of the few who uses gold leaf embellishments. Although she use the techniques of the Middle Ages she has mastered her own unique style that is contemporary and relevant to the market today.

She has published a great many books including but not limited to:

The Christmas Story
Noah's Ark
The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wild, Grimm and Hans Andersen
Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories

Isabelle has exhibited in London, Tokyo and Indianapolis. In 2007 she moved to France and began exhibiting her works on vellum. In July she received second prize for the most popular work in an exhibition voted by the Public. There were over 100 artists! She has worked extensively over the years with a few select licensees like Papyrus, but is now available for licensing on all categories.