Julian Damy was born in Mexico City, where he studied graphic design and worked professionally for three years. In early 2000 he moved to New York City after being hired as a full-time web designer by a design firm in Manhattan. After five years he left and worked as a freelance web designer for a while before landing a job in 2012 as a creative director and lead illustrator at an app development firm in Brooklyn.

Julian has had a talent for drawing since he was a child. Encouraged by his art teachers at school he decided to forget his long-time dream of becoming a lawyer to pursue a career in graphic design instead. Pencil and ink drawing was always his passion, until he started experimenting with computer art in the early 2000. Since then, on his spare time, he has illustrated and published a children’s book about the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, illustrated, designed and programmed a children’s iPad book app named Magnus the Dog; finished a series of illustrations for the work of Chinese poet Xu Kuan called Game of Mirrors, and is currently working on AlphaPod, a series of hand-drawn and computer-colored illustrations for a children’s app that will help kids learn their ABCs.