Here is a little bio of Marcello Corti and a photo:

Marcello Corti was born in 1961 in Bergamo, a beautiful medieval town in northern Italy known for being the home to artists including Caravaggio.
He is from a family of artists, painters, sculptors and poets, since childhood he has been instructed in the art of drawing and painting by his uncle and painter Tullio Petteni, who also gave him a passion for photography for almost about 30 years.
He has worked with the images as a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, combining his experiences in various fields from paper, pagination, to advertising and design.
In 1988 he discovered the computer graphics and has developed the first system for coloring comics with just a PC, later on he has taught courses in computer graphics and has have worked with various advertising agencies in Milan.
Illustration has been his main job, which gives me the amazing opportunity to work at home
and to spend more time with his family.
He is very proud to continue to create works of art as his ancestors did now with the use of modern means.