Premier art and brand-based licensing

As a licensing agency we represent a broad cross-section of intellectual property owners and licensors like artists, illustrators, trademark owners, corporate brands and other creators of unique content.

Our goal is to help them monetize the value of their content through strategic alliances with manufacturers of consumer products like stationery items, giftware, apparel, textiles, home furnishings, back to school products and many others. Our portfolio controls the rights to over 25,000 unique works for licensing. We work closely with manufacturing partners to better understand and clarify what their needs are.

We collaborate with our creative artists, designers and brands so that they better understand the needs of our licensees and can create content that will address the needs of our customers, thereby maximizing revenue opportunities for all parties.

Consulting Services

We also offer consulting services for manufacturing partners to help them better understand current and future market trends and assist them in identifying and securing the right licenses.

Our Mission

License the best in art and brands and help creators create.