Marty Hulsebos

Being and Seeing

Marty has been photographing landscapes for almost 35 years, and has exhibited at over 200 fine art shows around the country, winning many awards.

“Fascination by the varieties of light falling on and illuminating landscapes is at the heart of my art. No two moments are the same. Each moment is fleeting, never to be experienced the same way again. I’ve learned the importance of not waiting to take advantage of special opportunities of lighting and subject.”

But the scene is only part of the equation of capturing a compelling image. “Being and seeing” expresses a fundamental principle of Marty’s art. It illustrates the relationship between the state of the artist (Being), and what the artist sees and creates (Seeing). Having practiced meditation for 45 years, a peaceful, calm, balanced quality comes through in his photography. One of Marty’s favorite photography quotes along these lines is “The camera sees in two directions”, which captures the idea that an image is a window into the heart of the photographer. Two photographers standing side-by-side may choose to compose a scene in different ways, expressing their unique inner state. I enjoy shooting with other photographers and sharing perspectives and inspiration.

The final phase of art is the emotions that are stirred in a viewer of the finished fine art piece. It is a larger extension of where “art happens”. The viewers openness to “Be and See” in any given moment brings the art process to fulfillment. A spark of inspiration, a positive flow of energy gets created between the art and the viewer.

“It’s fun, exhilarating and enlivening to bring art to life.