Pepa Ivanoff

My name is Pepa, and I am an Australian Artist, Surfer, and Traveler. I have over 20 years of international experience creating Digital and Analog art, and have painted 311 murals in 9 countries.

I have chosen a life less ordinary in pursuit of my creative passion. My artwork is both inspired by, and the result of, my nomadic surfer lifestyle. My art and my life is a constant and evolving exploration of travel, nature, design, surfing, photography, tarot, colour, textures, textiles, Taoism, and all things tropical.

I would like to inspire others to follow their creative passion and curate a life that is a work of art. A life that is inspired, authentic and fulfilling. I believe that your creativity is the truest expression of who you are. And the more you know who you truly are, the more your life and your creativity will flow.