Sally Smith

At long last — THE BEST Fairy House builders book has been created and is now available to order!

Master Faerie House builder Sally J. Smith has taken her decade+ expertise and experience and has created the first Fairy House builders How-to book geared towards adults and creative types everywhere. This book will give you all the detailed, step-by-step information needed to create your own magical creation using basic tools and materials gathered in nature.

This book begins with an inspirational overview of many of the authors fabulous Fairy houses placed out in gorgeous natural settings to spark your own creative imagination. Next she will discuss tools, materials, collecting ethics and basic blueprint concepts needed to get you started dreaming up, planning and building your own exciting faerie houses. Next there are several, in-depth chapters which show the individual elements that go into fairy house constructions: doors, windows, roofs, walls, lighting, decorations etc. Each element is discussed in great detail with many step-by-step tutorials with excellent photographs and directions to show you how these enchanting elements are constructed. Additionally more inspirational images are included with each element to show how a simple technique can be adapted or modified to make your creation truly your own. Finally the last two chapters are dedicated to detailed step-by-step instructions for creating 2 entire Faerie houses from beginning to end.

This book is written for the competent crafter who is already skillful with basic tools and techniques; it is not a beginners book. The artist wrote this book specifically for those who have always wondered just HOW these little creations are made and where to begin the process. The book is well-organized and the detailed photographs and clear directions are there to guide you with expert care so you can be successful in mastering all the elements needed to make your own stunning sculptures. The additional inspirational images make the book complete eye candy for those who love nature, faeries and the enchanting world of miniature building.

You can read more about the book and the author by visiting the publisher’s website. Or you can order your own copies from the many online booksellers or better yet, your own hometown bookstore. You can also see more detailed peeks at inside pages and read more about the creation of the book on the author’s blog.

This book is big, luscious and informative and will give anyone interested in making their own real fairy house all the tips and tricks they need to get started and become an advanced-level architect to the Faeries!